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Control the Clouds & Impress Your Stars

Posted by Chris Moore

7/21/15 1:57 PM

People crave a sense of control and importance, especially consumers.
Why? Because they are the stars of your business.

When consumers feel unimportant, they take their business somewhere else. Consider this: “78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.”1 If IT administrators provide poor service to their consumers, the IT end-users can go to AWS instead and contribute to VM sprawl. So, how does an infrastructure team avoid the unnecessary struggles that come from internal conflicts?

One method is to place an emphasized focus on keeping the IT end-users happy. In a world where virtually anything can be ordered on-demand, end-users are growing tired of tedious provisioning processes. They expect quick turnaround times on their requests, and Infrastructure teams struggle to keep up.

Automation is key.
In a CloudBolt case study, a major retailer’s infrastructure team failed to provide quick provisioning to their e-commerce group. As a result, e-commerce threatened to take Infrastructure’s budget to build a separate datacenter.  Doing so would have led to wasteful spending on areas where e-commerce lacks expertise. More importantly, Infrastructure would have lost their largest customer along with the ability to track usage and costs. By deploying CloudBolt, the retailer’s end-users gained the ability to build and manage VMs while administrators measure and control the consumption of IT resources.

Automating the provisioning process soothes end-user frustration while leaving complete oversight in the hands of IT administrators. Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies and even the City of London have recognized the need for automated cloud delivery platforms, and they all chose CloudBolt as their solution. CloudBolt has also been recognized for its market leading time to value.

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1 American Express Survey: Good Service is Good Business: American Consumers Willing to Spend More With Companies That Get Service Right