VMware virtualization products are widely used as the enterprise-standard in private datacenter virtualization, but organizations are challenged with providing users a single intuitive interface to provision and manage their resources, as well as a host of other issues. That’s where CloudBolt’s user-friendly interface comes into play.

CloudBolt also allows IT admins to set up their organization’s policies, so they can ensure VMs are provisioned and configured according to company standards. Now they can be confident users are abiding by the appropriate expiration dates, approvals, resource limits and more.

When you download our free datasheet, CloudBolt: Simplified Management for VMware Virtualization, you’ll get a chart detailing CloudBolt’s capabilities for VMware, plus we’ll show you how CloudBolt:

  • Helps VMware customers by facilitating a multi-cloud/hybrid environment
  • Offers a self-service catalog for easily requesting IT services
  • Sets up guardrails to prevent user error and over-allocation
  • Simplifies VMware NSX network virtualization and security platforms


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