Zombie VMs Could Infest Up to 
45% of Your IT Environment.1 
What’s Your Strategy?

Unmanaged VMs in your datacenters cause unnecessary headaches

CloudBolt’s new Starter Edition gets zombie VMs under control at a fraction of the cost






Night of the Living VMs?

For enterprises using VMware vRealize Automation (vRA), hundreds or thousands of VMs in an organization might be unmanaged. At the same time, high cost of VM management is taking a big toll on your environment.

A lack of day-two management for these VMs makes it difficult to do typical tasks such as power on/off, delete, resize or reconfigure for these resources. 

The result: zombie VMsby the hundreds or thousands. They’re costly, insecure and, ultimately, avoidable. In a VMware datacenter migration project, an operational cost of $3 million was identified for zombie VM management.2 

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Zombie VMs Make You Less Secure

Average cost of a security data breach is $3.9M3

Your enterprise can’t afford to harbor zombie VMs. These VMs can’t be governed easily, leading to security vulnerabilities, lack of approvals, and no granular visibility into resource consumption.

Compliance also takes a hit with zombie VMs, with suboptimal data retention or ports left open. Plus, with VMs running all the time, it can lead to reactive incident management when the unexpected strikes.


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The CloudBolt
Starter Edition Difference

With CloudBolt Starter Edition, you can use the power of CloudBolt’s cloud management platform (CMP) to discover and inventory existing zombie VM resources that aren’t currently being managed under vRA.

CloudBolt Starter Edition offers complete day-two management of VMs including features for power on/off, power scheduling, and VM reconfiguration. You’ll also achieve your required levels of governance and role-based access control (RBAC) to maintain visibility into resource usage.  

Based on an ROI analysis for a 1,000 VM environment, 
CloudBolt Starter Edition saves up to 50% in TCO over your existing management platform.  

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