Replace custom integrations
and workflow development with
ready-to-run extensibility software.

SovLabs helps you get more from your cloud management platform with fully
supported integrations improving automation outcomes




Automation is Only Part of the Story

Organizations use IT automation tools to increase agility, productivity and efficiency. Cloud Management Platforms (CMP), like vRealize Automation (vRA), reduce complexity and enable faster resource provisioning through automation.

Where CMPs fall short are complex orchestration and automation scenarios. To fill automation gaps, IT teams often turn to custom scripts to meet additional use case requirements. Over time, this leads to bloated CMP environments and technical debt – which introduces new problems such as rising maintenance costs and increased compliance risks.

Research indicates systems relying on custom code for integration experience a 200% increase in maintenance costs over time. Every time an upgrade is released or changes are made to the vRA environment, custom automations must be re-written. For customers moving to vRealize Automation 8 – planning and re-writing custom coded workflows can take a year or more to accomplish.

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Codeless integrations and extensions allow organizations to maximize the investment in their automation programs in days - not years.

SovLabs Extensibility Modules are easy to install, configure and execute due to native vRA constructs that expedite implementation and time to value.

    SovLabs functionality is driven directly from vRA, eliminating complex workflow modifications enabling lower management overhead

    Blueprint reduction by up to 90% or more 

    Replace 65% or more of custom code with fully supported software

Learn more about SovLabs extensibility suite in our vRA extensibility Buyer’s Guide.



Discover the benefits of extensibility with our free vRA Optimization Assessment

If you’re a vRA customer that thinking about moving to vRA 8, or just looking for ways to better optimize your existing vRA environment, our Optimization Assessment is a great place to start.

This complementary assessment will analyze five critical areas of your environment that represent 85% of vRA 7 management overhead. This assessment is a simple workflow executed in your own environment and quickly analyzed by one of solution architects. A detail report is given with an executive summary of areas where you may be able to reduce complexity. 

Key Areas our Optimization Assessment will analyze:

  • Blueprint Sprawl
  • Reservation Architecture and Resource Allocations
  • Custom Code
  • Software Components and Script Execution
  • Network Architecture
Learn how the SovLabs Extensibility Suite helps companies extend their automation technology.

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